Talent Acquisition
It is a Consulting Company providing Talent Acquisition Services.
Our Company serves roughly 60 producers and IT businesses in Ukraine and internationally.
Our expertise delivers high-value solutions and motivated intelligent workers to our Client

Our Value Proposition:
Executive Search,
Mapping and Surveys,
Compensation & benefits surveys by industry/function.

address: Pavlivska, 18 Street, Kyiv, Ukraine
Kalachev Executives Talent Acquisition is a leading consulting company focused on talent acquisition and integrated talent management solutions.
We operate business in 10 countries both directly and through our partner network.

Our team of skilled and experienced consultants takes a pride in understanding not only the supply and demand of executive talent in Ukraine but also advising our clients on how to improve their business by providing effective leadership solutions for several years already. Together with its clients, Kalachev Executives builds a unique competitive advantage – executive teams that bring their companies to the leading positions in the industry.

We are able to customize and execute a recruitment plan that is specific to the unique demands of each Client so that we provide design, assessment and development of successful management teams. We are taking into account special needs that are subject to Ukrainian market and industry trends.

We make placements across several major sectors, including Agro, Engineering & Construction, IT, Consumer, Energy, Transportation and Interim C-level.

We pride ourselves on our reliability; we can be contacted 24/7 and never over-promise, ensuring that we deliver on every commitment. We care about our client and candidate relationships, and follow up on every contract job we place.

We offer a range of services, forming a comprehensive, end-to-end talent solutions offering that's tailored to your needs including:
Executive search
Making the right choice when recruiting a senior leader to your organisation can be critical to your future success, culture and performance.

Making a poor hiring decision at this level can have a significant impact on your business:
  • Productivity: unproductive new hires can drag down other team members and direct reports with them.
  • Employee morale: poor hiring decisions can have an adverse effect on wider team morale.
  • Financial: aside from the cost of recruitment, poor hires can have a significant opportunity cost and divert management attention away from achieving commercial objectives.
At Kalachev Executives we understand the importance of getting your senior recruitment strategy right.
Assessment and selection
Tailored services to support you in managing an effective selection process for recruitment, promotion or development.

Psychometric assessment

Psychometric testing has become a powerful tool and a proven method of delivering significant business value. Psychometric assessment ensures hiring managers select candidates based not only on their skills and experience, but also on their cultural fit and potential for growth.

Assessment centres

Using an Assessment Centre will improve your chances of selecting candidates who will be high performing, long-serving employees. There are many other benefits to be gained by adopting an objective, robust, multifaceted approach to assessing competencies, potential and 'fit' of all applicants for a position.

Role profiling

Job descriptions can often be outdated, disjointed and complex. Role profiling allows you identify the most important responsibilities, tasks and challenges of a role required for high performance, standardised again industry-wide benchmarks.

Competency Development

If developing talent is critical to the future success of your organisation, implementing a competency framework to pinpoint the unique characteristics of those that epitomise success, could give you the competitive edge.

High potential assessment

Are you confident your assessment and selection process is robust enough to bring on board your successful future leaders? High potential assessment will give you the talent pipeline you need.

Development, coaching and training
Helping you develop and retain great teams and leaders.


Maximising the potential of your people directly impacts business performance. That's why it makes sense to partner with an organsation who truly understands your talent challenges, providing expertise when you need it, to ensure a smooth transition through change.

High potential development

Are you confident your assessment and selection process is robust enough to identify and develop your successful future leaders? Our high potential development programmes will give you the talent pipeline you need.

Executive Coaching

Coaching for your senior leaders provides feedback, insight and direction to enhance not only their own potential, but that of the organisation.

Succession planning

All organisations no matter what their size need succession planning. But having a steady talent pipeline of readily available people is no easy feat. How do you know what skills you need now, in two years, how about five?

Competency Development

If developing talent is critical to the future success of your organisation, implementing a competency framework to pinpoint the unique characteristics of those that epitomise success, could give you the competitive edge.

Management skills training

The world as we know it is fragmented, complex and grey. It's a challenging landscape for even the most experienced leader. That's why we've developed a range of training programmes to equip senior executives with the tools they need through challenging change programmes.


Identifying the talent you need to be competitive is no easy task. That's why it makes sense to partner with an organisation who work with businesses across the globe, both large and small, to help solve their talent challenges.

We won't just offer you an off the shelf solution. We'll take the time to listen, we'll ask you the right questions and deliver a bespoke solution which fits your needs.

Benefits at a glance

  • Identify and develop high potentials
  • Build up future leadership in your organisation
  • Assist more people to reach their potential
  • Increase your training ROI
  • Address leadership succession challenges

For more information on our assessment and selection services contact the Talent Management team.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Kalachev Executives has a reputation in Ukraine for saving clients on average 70% of agency spend and realise a 50% decrease in cost per hire.

Our recruitment solutions provide you with the flexibility to staff up or down according to your recruiting needs. This helps keep costs low as you only pay for what you actually use. As our client, you work directly with senior-level UA market experts with an average industry tenure of more than 10 years.

Kalachev Executives offers clients a variety of recruitment services to meet and exceed your company objectives. By working closely with your HR department, we customise a recruiting solution for your business.

Temporary, Interim C-level and contract recruitment agency services
Kalachev Executives is the recruitment specialist many of the most successful organisations in the world turn to when they need contract or permanent recruitment solutions. There's no substitute for experience. That can be a challenge when you're a human resources professional tasked with talent management and recruiting, or when you are looking to progress your career with a new job! Good thing we can help.

Build your team and let your business thrive for the future

Trusted by professionals
Kalachev Executives is a team of professionals. Their work is well-coordinated, always top quality and never late.
We've been working with Kalachev Executives team for 7 years now. We fully trust them our talent Acquisition scope of work. Keep on the good work!
Agroprosperis Group (NCH Capital)
Whenever we have a lack of right people we call for Kalachev Executives. These guys are just awesome.
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